Iceland Nature Videos

Iceland nature videos have in recent years captured the attention of people from all around the world and inspired them to travel to Iceland.  We travel all around Iceland to shoot the 360 degree panoramas and 360 degree virtual tours for this website. When the conditions are right we also film all sorts of videos in various places around Iceland. We shoot 360 degree videos for clients such as the planetarium at Perlan – Wonders of Iceland. We also film regular 4K videos for various clients, our own productions and stock footage.

Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis videos

The Northern Lights are one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world. In the videos below you can see realtime videos. of the Northern Lights. These videos are  shot with extremely light sensitive cameras in order to capture the actual speed of the Northern Lights as they move across the sky. The Iceland nature videos and the northern lights videos on this page are filmed by Snorri Thor Tryggvason. You can see more of his nighttime photography at If you want to try to see the Northern Lights yourself we highly recommend for everything you need to know to maximise your chance of seeing this natural phenomena.



Location specific videos

We are in the process of making short videos about most of the places that you can see in our 360 degree panorama collection. In the videos  below you can see videos from locations as Gullfoss, Seljalandsfoss, Faxi, Geysir, Gunnuhver and Huldufjöll.  We will be adding a lot more of these videos in the near future.




Iceland glacier river videos

Iceland is home to an endless array of rivers and waterfalls. The rivers are both natural spring water rivers and glacial rivers such as the ones you can see in these videos. The color in the rivers is due to minerals and differently coloured sediment that blends with the rivers as they flow down to the sea. You can see a 360 degree panorama of one these glacial rivers here.


Ice Cave videos

We regularly visit Ice caves here in Iceland, both for fun and for filming and photographing. Most of the accessible ice caves in Iceland are located in the glacier Vatnajökull, on the south coast of Iceland. Ice caves are formed when water melts the ice and leaves behind a cave or tunnel within the glacier.