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Bruarfoss (Brúarfoss) waterfall has become a popular tourist destination due to it´s natural beauty and the unique color of the river, but the waterfall is located between the geothermal hot spring area of Geysir, Arnessysla, Iceland, Iceland (around 15 km away), and the village Laugarvatn, Arnessysla, Iceland, Iceland (about 14 km away) on Laugarvatnsvegur road number 37. The hike to reach the waterfall starts from the parking lot by the river and the distance from the parking to the Brúarfoss waterfall is around 3,2 km (one way). With stops the hike takes around 1 hour, 2 to 2,5 hours to complete a round trip.

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The name Brúarfoss translates to “Bridge-waterfall”. The name derives from a natural stone arch bridge which crossed the river. The arch has long since collapsed, but early in the 20th century a new bridge was built at a crossing over the river, crossing the narrow canyon in the middle of the waterfall. This road, which was built in 1907 when the King of Denmark visited Iceland, was used by the royal visitors on their trip to Gullfoss and Geysir, which means that the oldest version of “The Golden Circle” actually crossed right across Bruarfoss waterfall.

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