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Gjain canyon is a small and scenic rift valley with small waterfalls, ponds, and volcanic structures. It is located in the south of Iceland, close to the waterfall Háifoss and the viking longhouse farm at Stong i Thjorsardal. Stöng was a farm that was originally desserted (and possibly buried) by the Mt Hekla eruption in 1104. One of the fascinating factors of this valley is how hidden it is. Gjáin is a tiny valley with small picturesque waterfalls, clear, tranquil ponds and amazing delicate volcanic structures.

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In season 4 episode 5 in the Game of Thrones, Arya Stark and her traveling “companion” Sandor Clegane (The Hound) come to a resting place and continue their ongoing dispute. Their resting place was filmed here in Gjáin in Iceland.

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