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One of the best swimming pools in Iceland can be found in Hofsós, a small fishing village in the northern part of Iceland. The village consists mostly of small-scale traditional Icelandic houses from the early twenties.

Nearby places: Hólar í Hjaltadal, Siglufjörður, Dalvík, Ólafsfjörður

This gorgeous pool, Sundlaugin á Hofsósi , which opened a few years ago, was a gift to the town by two heiresses who live in the area. The swimming pool is delicately integrated into the landscape, cutting itself into the site and opening up towards the view of the ocean and the island of Drangey.

The exterior lighting is minimized to experience the stars and Northern lights, which are frequent in this area during wintertime. The village is also home to the Hofsós Icelandic Emigration / Vesturfarasetrið museum, which details the mass emigration of Icelanders to North America in the late 1800s.