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Hveravellir Nature Reserve is a popular geothermal area of fumaroles and hot springs, located in the central highlands, accessible via the mountain road Kjölur/ Kjalvegur, which is a 600-700 m high mountain pass in the highlands, located east of Langjökull Glacier and west of Hofsjökull glacier. The oldest descriptions of Hveravellir date back to 1752, when the travellers Eggert Ólafsson and Bjarni Pálsson wrote about this area in their travelogue.

F-Roads and River Crossings

The Highlands can only be driven during the Icelandic summer. For the rest of the year the highland roads are closed. On EpicIceland.net you can find great tips about F-Roads in how to cross rivers while driving in the highlands.

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Among its warm pools are the brilliant-blue Bláhver; Öskurhólshver , which emits a constant stream of hissing steam; and a luscious human-made bathing pool. Another hot spring, Eyvindarhver, is named after the outlaw Fjalla-Eyvindur. Hveravellir is reputedly one of the many highland hideouts of this renegade.

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