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Möðrudalur and these seemingly endless black sand and lava deserts can be considered as the entrance to the north eastern highlands. This is where the highland roads leading to Herðubreið, Askja Volcano, Kverkfjöll, and the newly formed lava fields of Holuhraun which erupted in 2014. It is situated in the Highlands of Iceland at the east side of the Ódáðahraun desert and close to Askja Volcano. The desert is a large lava field originating from eruptions of Trölladyngja and other shield volcanoes in the area. Herðubreið was formed beneath the icesheet that covered Iceland during the last glacial period.

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The Fjalladýrð tourist service in Möðrudalur valley is located mid-way between Lake Mývatn and the town of Egilsstaðir on road 901. They offer their guests various services in a quiet environment. The place is renowned for its beautiful view with the “Queen of Icelandic Mountains”, mount Herdubreid, in the leading role and the restaurant Fjallakaffi offers a uniqe local lamb meat and reindeear meat. Arctic char from the mountain lakes and rivers of the area is worth to try aswell. The camp site is equipped with all the conveniences for campers, whether you pitch a tent or park an RV.
They also offer helicopter tours from Möðrudalur over the Holuhraun area, as well as Askja and Kverkfjöll. Möðrudalur is only 60 km from the erupting volcano Holuhraun that was active 2 years ago.We also offer jeep tours and hiking in the natural northern highlands, for example at Herðubreið mountain, Askja – and Herðubreiðarlindir nature reserve area and Kverkfjöll.

In the neighbourhood:

Dettifoss, Ásbyrgi, Jökulsárgljúfur, Askja, Kverkfjöll, Kárahnúkar, Snæfell, Sænautasel, Vopnafjörður, Mývatn, Húsavík.

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