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Secret Lagoon


What is now known as the Secret Lagoon (Gamla Laugin in Icelandic, meaning \"old pool\"), was Iceland’c first public swimming pool having been created in 1891. Secret Lagoon was called “Gamla Laugin” which means \"The Old Pool\". Not so many people knew about it, and thus, this pool also became known as The Secret Lagoon.

Nearby places: Gullfoss, Brúarhlöð, Geysir

The pool was the recreational hub of the small town of Flúðir and the place where the townspeople learned to swim until a more modern pool was built in 1947. With the rise in popularity of the town’s more modern facilities, the old pool was long forgotten and ignored until being lovingly restored and reopened in 2014. The landscape around the pool is very natural, the steam rising from the water gives everything a surreal and mystical feel.

The pool is surrounded by several hot springs, including a little geyser, providing the pool with fresh warm water, maintaining a temperature of 38-40 °C throughout the year. Little pathways, geothermal hot spots and a small geyser, which erupts around every five minutes, are added attractions adjacent to the pool. There are lockers, comfortable changing rooms, and showers, a bar and eating areas. You cannot afford to miss this hidden gem! Gamla laugin – Secret Lagoon which can be found in the South Western part of Iceland is easily accessible and can be included as a pit stop along The Golden Circle.