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Þjófafoss (Thjofafoss = translates to \"Thieve´s waterfall) is located on the river Þjórsá on the east side of the Merkurhraun lava fields in the south of Iceland, at the southwest tip of the hill Búrfell. In the background you can see the famous volcano Hekla.

Nearby places: Hjálparfoss, Gjáin, Háifoss, Stöng

According to folklore and history, the waterfall got its name from practice in the old judiciary system in Iceland, as thieves were thrown into the waterfall to finish their sentence. This waterfall is one of the less known waterfalls in the south of Iceland but very well worth a visit because of it´s scale and the incredible natural beauty of the surrounding area. The water in the river changes color according to the seasons as the water flow is controlled and supervised by Landsvirkjun, the main producer of electricity in Iceland. As a consequence sometimes the river dries up, and the powerful waterfall almost disappears. A viewing point for the waterfall can be accessed by a gravel track that leads about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) northwest from Route 26 or by a track that leads south from Route 32 past the hydroelectric power station Búrfellsstöð and Hjálparfoss in Þjórsárdalur.

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