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Víti – Krafla


Víti, an explosive crater by Krafla Lava Fields, Myvatn, is one of two well-known craters by this name in Iceland (the other is in Askja).

Nearby places: Hverarönd, Mývatn Nature Baths, Höfði, Skútustaðagígar, Dimmuborgir, Hverfjall

This particular Víti was formed in 1724 by a massive eruption in part of the Krafla volcanic region. This event lasted, in its entirety, for five years, and was called the Mývatn Fires.

The Icelandic word “víti” means “hell”. In former times people often believed hell to be under volcanoes. Víti is filled with beautiful turqouise colored water and surrounded by geothermal clay and sulphur formations.