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Game of Thrones


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In this VR tour you can see some of the filming locations in Iceland featured on the popular tv series Game of Thrones. You can find a map with all the locations below.

Kirkjufell can be seen in season 7 episode 6 when the heroes go to north of the wall, described as the arrowhead mountain. It was also in season 6 episode 5 with Kirkjufellsfoss which is also on the photo, when the children of the forest created the first White Walker. 

Thorufoss is an 18 meter high waterfall that can be found between Reykjavík and Thingvellir National Park. This is the waterfall where Drogon eats the goat in season 4 episode 6 

Þingvellir have been featured in various scenes on Game of Thrones. The place can be seen as the narrow path leading to the Eyrie and as well as the location of Arya’s and Sandor Clegane’s journey. 

Dyradalur features in: Season 4, episode 10: ‘The Children’.  Brienne and the Hound’s fight scene is one of Game of Thrones‘ best, most gruelling fight sequences ever. This location near mt.Hengill is the jaw-dropping mountain scenery where it was shot.

Stöng í Þjórsárdal. A very violent scene from the TV-series Game of Thrones (Season 4, Episode 3) was shot at this location, where all the inhabitants of the farm except a small boy were killed by the Wildlings.

Svínafellsjökull is a large outlet glacier from Iceland´s biggest glacier Vatnajökull. It can be seen in season 2, 3 and 6 (Series 7, Episode 6) with the wildlings north of the wall.

Reynisfjara is the beach at Eastwatch by the sea (Series 7, Episode 6) where the men in the night’s watch are guarding the wall.