Geldingadalir Volcano Eruption 3d model

Click on the “play” button below to open the 3d model and then click “fullscreen mode” in the bottom right corner. This 3d model is a collaborative project made by Snorri Thor Tryggvason from Iceland360VR and Simeon Schmauss

Geldingadalir Volcanic Eruption

The craters in Geldingadalir started erupting late evening on the 19th of March. The magma seems to originate deep beneath the crust. This defines the eruption as a caldera rather than a crater and could indicate that this small and steady lava flow could last for years, decades, and even centuries. Here is an article about the top 10 largest volcanic eruptions in Iceland since settlement.

Grave of Ísólfur

The eruption area is home to an ancient burial site dating back to before the year 1000, where the remains of the Norse settler Ísólfur frá Ísólfsstöðum lie. Geldingadalir The word “geldingur” in Icelandic means a castrated man or a castrated animal. The name of Geldingadalir valley was probably connected to castrated rams (Wethers) being kept there during summer.


Fagradalsfjall mountain is a tuya that erupted during the last glaciation under the ice shield. A strong seismic crisis began in the area near Fagradalsfjall since late Feb 2021, interpreted as intrusion of magma at shallow depth. This led to the first historic eruption of the volcano on 19th of March 2021.

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