How to find cheap food in Reykjavik


(see map with cheap food locations below)

updated april 14th 2019

Cheap food in Reykjavik, does it actually exist???

Have you ever wondered how to find cheap food in Reykjavik? Anyone who has travelled to Reykjavik, Iceland, quickly realizes that it can be hard to find reasonably priced food in the city. As a local I´ve seen the prices increase every year over the last years, and as a result, many Icelanders hardly ever go to restaurants due to the high price. Since I love finding new and delicious food I see it as my duty to share my knowledge about where to find cheap (but good!) food in Reykjavik. I´ve aimed at choosing locations where you´ll find a good meal for appr. $10-15.  So far I´ve found appr. 70 locations with reasonably priced food options! I will update this article regularly so if you have any tips on new places or changes in offers please comment below 🙂

Changes in the restaurant scene in Reykjavik

In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of restaurants in Reykjavík. There is no shortage of choices when it comes to fine dining in Reykjavík and you´ll find many interesting articles online about great food in Reykjavík, such as this one, or this one.  You can even find interesting articles online about disgusting food in Iceland, such as this one.  It can be harder to find good food options while travelling on a budget. There are several articles online that name a few moderately priced dining options, but I have yet to find an extensive article about this subject. This has inspired me to write my first blog post; how to find cheap food in Reykjavik. (Article about cheap food in other parts of Iceland coming soon!)

Map of Reykjavik´s cheapest food options

Below you´ll find a map of Reykjavík where I´ve marked in all the locations of where to find cheap but good food in Reykjavik. On the map and the more detailed list below the map, you´ll find restaurants, fast food restaurants, cafés and supermarkets which offer several options when it comes to finding cheap but good food in Reykjavik.



Aktu Taktu

Tuesday special: homemade burgers, fries and a coke for 1000 kr (about $8-9US). Vegans can also enjoy a tasty vegan-friendly burger, served with fried mushrooms, onion, BBQ sauce and vegan cheese for 1000 kr as well.


Soup of the day, served in a bread bowl 990.

Bike Cave

Hamburger or veggie burger for 1195 each

BRIKK cafe

Soup of the day with bread of your choice (2 pieces) is 990isk. Coffee with refill is 290isk.

Bæjarins Bestu

A hod dog+coke combo costs 700kr. For a slightly more than 1000 kr (about $8-9US), you can get two hot dogs and one Coke

Café Haiti

Pancakes with cream, jam or chocolate are available for 600kr, sandwiches from 650kr, Cakes and pies for 950kr.

Cafe Paris

Lunch specials from 11:30-14:00 (Steak and fries or Catch of the day: 1990 kr.)


All dishes (pizzas, hot dogs and more) is under 1000kr (and you don’t need a membership just to eat there)


Two slices of pizza cost 970 kr, and there is a nice selection of paninis for 1090 kr a piece.


Special offer every tuesday: Medium pizza with 3 toppings for 1000.


Chicken wrap for 1290kr ($11.40)

Flatey Grandi

Margherita pizza for 1450kr and Marinara pizza for 1050kr on Mondays

Fish & Chips Vagninn

Food truck that offer fish & chips for under 1500kr


Salmon burger, or simple and delicious fish and chips. and drink (sparkling water) for 1.990kr.

Gamla Kaffihúsið

Soup of the day for just over 1000 kr.


Soups are 1490kr (soup of the month is 1390kr), bowls are 1690kr


Salad bar, price range appr.500-1000 kr. for a meal (Kilo price 1799 kr.)

Hlemmur Square

Lamb dinner “Square meal” on offer, from tuesdays-saturdays, for 1400kr.


6 inch sub + soda for 990kr, 12 inch sub + soda for 1590 (10:00 – 14:00)

Icelandic Street Food

Lamb / seashell soup with FREE REFILLS for 1490kr


Every dish of the day is under 1300kr

Jamie’s Italian

Beef / chicken burger with fries, fish and chips, or grilled chicken salad for 1500kr (weekdays 11:30 – 16:00 until Easter)

Kex hostel

Fish of day 11.30-17.00 for just 1000kr


Chicken wings, 12 pieces is almost 50% off on Sundays.

Le Bistro

French restaurant with lunch offers for 1990kr with soda or Coffee included.


A portion of Syrian stuffed pitas with fries (Arias Maria) costs 650 kr, while a large portion of chips costs 750 kr. Falafel bowl starters are available for 650kr and the price of the falafel sandwiches is slightly higher then 1000kr, they cost 1100kr.

Mál og Menning

 Soup of the day + bread + coffee for 1400


Fried noodles with vegetables, chicken and rice for 1450kr. If you eat inside there is soup included with refills.


A small portion of fries costs 499kr, a ham sandwich is available for 999kr and cheeseburgers are offered for 1099kr.

Noodle Station

Beef / chicken noodle soup for 1640kr, vegetable noodle soup for 960kr

Ramen Momo

Lunch offer (ramen+side) 1,690kr and 20% off the price if you bring your own container

Reykjavík Chips

Chips and coke combo for only 950 kr, or a large portion of chips for 1050kr.


30% off everything Monday if you order through the application


Vegetarian / chicken dish of the day with rice and 1/4 nan bread for 1290kr (weekdays 11:30 – 15:30, only for takeaway)


Burgers for 1490 11:30-14:00 and vegan burger (“the Advisor”) for just 1190 kr. (available all day)


Small sub of the day for only about 650 kr. There are plenty of options (6-inch sub) available in a price range of 900-1100kr. The cheapest 12-inch sub is the Veggie, costing only 1089kr.

Tokyo sushi

Lunch offer until 14:00 for 1990 kr. and soup 1430 kr.

Vita bar

Special offer: cheeseburger, fries and cocktail sauce for around 1500 kr



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  1. Hey, great post! Just wanted to add that Studentakjallarinn now also has a vegan burger (“the Advisor”) for just 1190 and it’s available all day. And there are other cheap options there as well.

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