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Grænihryggur or “Green Ridge” in English is exactly what it claims to be. A ridge of the most incredible green colour that seems almost too unnatural to be found in the middle of the highlands. But this is Iceland, so expect the unexpected.

Nearby places: Landmannalaugar, Ljótipollur, Hnausapollur, Langisjór

This cyan-green rhyolite ridge is one of the many jewels in the Highlands of Iceland. I took these photos a few weeks ago during a flight over the area.

The Icelandic word is a compound of Grænn (= green) and hryggur (= spine/ridge).

One of the most colourful areas of the entire island are Landmannalaugar, known for their colourful rhyolite mountains, glaciers and magical green moss. This vast, colourful and untouched wilderness in the highlands is a popular area among hikers and recently, hikes to Green Ridge have become increasingly popular. This hike travels through this otherworldly landscape of ridges, canyons and glaciers, with Green Ridge as its ultimate destination. The hike itself is expected to take approx. 8 hours and includes some wading so pack appropriately (warm clothes, towel, plenty of food and a camera) and enjoy the scenery.