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The glacier–tongues Fláajökull and Heina­bergsjökull stretch far down into the district. It is possible to drive to Fláajökull along Hólmsá.

Nearby places: Hoffellsjökull, Heinabergsjökull, Skálafellsjökull

Heinabergs­jökull divides into two arms around the mountain Hafrafell, north of which there is another moun­tain, Snjófjall, with a peculiar glacier hollow on the south side. Nearby places: Skálafellsjökull, Fláajökull Hiking routes in the area: The valley Vatnsdalur (“Water (or lake) valley”) on the western side of Heina­bergs­jökull often collects large quantities of water dammed up by the glacier, Heina­bergs­vötn.

Once in a while this water forces its way out under the ­glacier, causing big floods in the rivers. The low mountain Jökulfell (150m) in front of Fláajökull was hidden by ice at the beginning of the century, but began to come into view around 1920.