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Núpstaðaskógur is a remote and beautiful forest covered valley within Vatnajökull national park that relatively few people have seen up until now.

Nearby places: Morsárdalur, Svartifoss, Skaftafellsjökull, Svínafellsjökull

The way to reach it used to be through extremely deep and powerful glacial rivers, but in recent years the paths of the rivers have shifted, making it slightly more accessible. It is nevertheless quite an undertaking to try to reach this place since the jeep trail is very rough and only accessible during a small part of the year.

Pictured here is one of the most unique looking waterfalls in Iceland. This is the meeting point of two waterfalls (one with murky looking glacial water and the other one with clear spring water) which cascade into the same pool, where the different colored water doesn´t blend right away but runs side by side in the canyon. The name of the stream pool beneath the waterfalls is Tvílitihylur (“Two Colored Pool” in english)