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How to find cheap food in Reykjavik

Posted on April 4, 2019
(see map with cheap food locations below) updated april 14th 2019 Cheap food in Reykjavik, does it actually exist??? Have you ever wondered how to find cheap food in Reykjavik? Anyone who has travelled to Reykjavik, Iceland, quickly realizes that it can be hard to find reasonably priced food in the city. As a local I´ve seen the prices increase every year over the last years, and as a result, many Icelanders hardly ever go

One thought on “How to find cheap food in Reykjavik

  1. Hey, great post! Just wanted to add that Studentakjallarinn now also has a vegan burger (“the Advisor”) for just 1190 and it’s available all day. And there are other cheap options there as well.

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